Implant treatment is an artificial tooth root application and after titanium screws combined with the bone, prothesis is done in the shape of bridge or single tooth over this implant. The biggest advantage of treatment is to get the closest solution to natural form.

Porcelain teeth are fixed on the very same day by placing implants with special angles in edentulous patients with All-Four technique.  Treatment with the All On Four technique consists of two stages.  First, four implants are placed to the patient’s bone and then the same day the temporary teeth are fixed over those implants.  After three months, the patient is given permanent porcelain teeth.

7 Advantages of All on Four Technique ;

·         To be able to provide fixed Dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure on the same day for edentulous patients

·         Since the number of treatment sessions are low; it is suitable for patients residing outside the city or country.

·         The healing process is faster because it does not require further surgical procedures such as sinüs lifting , bone graft.

·         Application duration is very short

·         Personal treatment plan for each patients and n aesthetic smile with smile design treatment

·         Suitable for patients who cannot use removable prosthesis

·         Easy to clean and maintain


Bon'Lamina technique can be advantageous for patients who cannot be treated because of lack of sufficient bone tissue in their jaw or those whose bone taken from ribs for this treatment.

Thanks to Bon'Lamina technique, insufficient jawbone tissue is reconstructed in three dimensions shape and the bone is restored to its original shape in 2-3 months.

Bon'Lamina technique, which we apply for new bone formation in cases where jaw bones dissolve;  is the latest technology bone regeneration system.  With this technique, it is aimed to regenerate the lost bone tissue in 3D.

In patients who have lost their teeth for a long time and have lost a large amount of bone, it is possible to have fixed teeth with re-implant support instead of a removable prosthesis.  As a result of our work, we apply this technique in Turkey after Germany and Switzerland.  Thus, the bone heals completely and can be restored to its original shape.  When applied with PRF technique, new bone formation is achieved very quickly.

The main advantage of the method is that the formation of gums around the bone augmentation region gives more successful results. In Box technique, estimated time is expected for 6-9 months for bone formation, but if the bone is added with PRF technique, results can be obtained in 2-3 months.

If there is not enough bone level in your jaw for implant construction, the use of PRF technique with All on Four system gives very successful results and extends the life of the implants.