What is breath therapy?

Breath therapy is holistic/integrative medicine which teaches people natural way of breathing. Everybody born with perfect breathing. But we lose our breathing habits when the traumas or fears comes out. Breath Therapy helps people to remember.

Who can take breath therapy?

Anyone who is older than 6 years old can take breath therapy sessions.

How long it takes?

It takes 6-8 sessions if there is no problem in the respiratory system.

What are the effects of breath therapy?

By the time the individual learn to breath on natural way, the body system will begin to work properly. Blockages and traumas will be gone when endocrine system works balanced with regular breathing. Everyone who learned natural breathing has gain momentum on both physically and mentally on their life.

What is Natural Breathing?

Our respiratory system has simply nose-mouth, lungs and diaphragm. With the very first trauma or fear we just begin to block our respiratory system on our childhood and use only lungs breathing called upper breathing. But our system includes both upper and lower breathing. The problem begins when we totally forget to use diaphragm. Lower breathing is 2/3 of our breathing. When we shut it down, that means we use lower than our half capacity of breathing.

Lower breathing is effecting directly to our parasympathetic system. Because of that the individual will be alert by stress hormones every second.

Natural breathing is, have the system working whole and integral. Take deep, quite breathe by the nose and make both diaphragm and lungs to full capacity, and breathe out slowly with the same silence. That’s the natural breathing.

How breathe therapy can be practiced?

There are thousands of different ways to practice breath therapy. If an individual asks for sessions, first we need to know why that person wants it. Some of them only wants to know what natural breathing is, or some of them need to practice to help their treatment process.

Every session has mindfulness chats, breathe exercises, and breathe meditation in the end. Breath Meditation is the key part of the breath therapy sessions. Meditate mind can help to itself to let go the habits that we want and need to change.

Who needs breathe therapy?

Actually everybody needs to learn the natural way of breathing. We cannot feed our body if we have unnatural breathing habit. Simply, body has not enough energy all the time. Because we don’t take the right fuel to the body. Therefore we are always hungry and tired, no matter what we eat, food gives only short term of satisfaction.

When you learn natural breathing, your meal cycle changes. Yes we need energy and for that we need to eat food. But our body’s first fuel is Oxygen. That’s why we have to learn/remember natural breathing.

What breathe therapy is good for?

Both for physical and mental health. If a patient get sessions parallel with their treatment, the sessions will help on healing process. Time has changed, we all are living on a chaos and covered with social stress. Our sleeps are terrible, traffic jam kills us, and we are stuck in glass buildings all day long… There is no one who says I’m happy every second of my life. The first reason of our being depressed is by hormones, our endocrine system chemicals; such as stress, fear, anxiety, and the worst one is being unhappy caused by stress hormones. It is so easy to rebalance the hormone system and control ourselves with some basic breath exercises. If a person doesn’t have major respiratory problem, like chronic asthma patience’s life quality increase by breath therapy techniques.

Can we do breathe therapy practice during our treatment?

Of course you can with your doctor control. Breathe therapy is integrative medicine method. Especially in Canada and USA, before major surgery some doctors prefers to have their patient work with breath therapist before surgery.  

First of all every patient must be in a good mood. Optimism is the key when you have a major disease. Happy and calm and relax patients always have more positive results then the negative patients. Therefore breathe therapy sessions will help you a lot about that. When body gets the proper fuel, the system will begin to work properly as soon as it possible. Happiness is yes a choice but we must help to the body with the right hormones and its chemicals.

For example during the chemotherapy patient has minimum side effects of the treatment. Minimum or no hair losses, no nail problems or gain/loss weight problems. The patient didn’t even need to shot allergy medicine. But of course couple of dozens not a conclusive result because we need to study with lots of patients.

How long it takes to learn Natural Breathing?

It depends on person and the reason why they take the sessions. A healthy person who wants to learn natural breathing will take sessions between 6 to 8 weeks; sessions. We have every person once in a week for 1.5 – 2 hours. The thing here is after session we give home exercises. You must do those if you want to learn it fast. You will have a decent breathing opinion from the sessions but if you don’t do the exercises, you only will have your opinion.

If a patient wants to join during their treatment, it is going to be long term therapy as long as they take the advantage of breath therapy.

How about psychological diseases?

It depends on the disease. It could be impossible to work with a schizophrenic patient. We have the same reality in the end.

But such as depression, unhappiness, claustrophobia, habit spasm, fear of presentation and public speaking, addictions, panic attack, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Monday syndrome, Munchausen Syndrome, Burnout Syndrome patients have great results from breath therapy sessions.

The first reason is body gets the proper O2 in and CO2 out with natural breathing and the endocrine system will be balanced. We just kill the switch button of our endocrine system with traumas and fear. Psychology science need to find what is going on deep down. What made you to press to the kill switch? The process is long and maybe the patient will need medicine. But with breath therapy, we don’t care about the ‘what is going on deep down’ and we definitely never want a human to use medicine for that.

Let’s say, what do we need to be happy? Love? Money? Friends? Family? Ferrari? Lake House?

None of them!

We only need serotonin, endorphin and dopamine to be happy which our endocrine system produce through our hormone glands. That’s it.

And we can make our endocrine system work balanced with breath therapy.

It is so easy to say or write, but to do is the ultimate challenge. Our mind never want to let go its habits even it is for own sake. We are going to be the only enemy to us if we want to make a big change of our life.

Can breathe therapy good for kids?


It will be perfect because as I said we were born with the perfect breathing and full capacity and forget to do that with traumas until the age 5 or 6. If we begin to practice breathe therapy like after age 6 kid will not forget to breathe naturally and have a great working body and mind. Full of mindfulness and peace and full attention to anything they do. Brain gets 25% of the Oxygen and with the full capacity of breathing that brain will be fresh, open, awake, concentrate, excellent work of neurons and synapses.

A person whose breathing habit is natural will never commit a crime or hurt anybody on purpose. If your system work normal, you have everything you need inside and you will be more human. Your priorities will be constitutive not destructive.

                                                                                                                                          Emrah Bozkurt