Primer and secondary cancer

Cancers; Are referred to by the name of the original cell type belonging to the first organ of cancer. Cancer cells can move away from the primary site and move toward other parts of the body. This condition is called secondary cancer. However, the cells are still the same type of primary cancer, and this is important because the cancers are treated according to the original cell type.

Hepatocellular carcinoma

This type of cancer is the most common type of liver cancer. 85 out of every 100 people with primary liver cancer (85%) were diagnosed with this cancer type. In males, it is more common than females. It is also becoming more prevalent in later ages.

Other types of liver cancer

Other types of liver cancer include cholangiocarcinoma originating in cells of the bile duct; Angiosarcoma (or hemangiosarcoma) that starts in the blood vessels in the liver, and hepatoblastomas that are very rare and usually affect children.

Should I be seen by a liver cancer specialist?

It is very difficult for my GP to decide if someone has something that is not very serious or has a suspicious cancer. However, there are some special indications that your doctor should promptly direct you to a specialist. In the presence of the following, you must urgently ask an expert.

 Unexplained abdominal pain and weight loss with or without backache alone

 At the top of your stomach,

 Continuous illness or feeling of sickness and weight loss

 Jaundice caused by obstruction (yellow color of skin)

Ideally you should receive an emergency referral within 2 weeks. If you have this indication but you think your doctor has not taken them seriously enough, you can take the output of this page and take it with you at your appointment. You can decide whether or not you need to be seen by an expert and how long you need to be seen.

What can you ask your doctor about liver cancer?

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