In this recent period, turkey became one of the favorite destinations countries in the world. Its natural beauty, its long history and the mixing of cultures between east and west makes the Turkey as a special country. Located between two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey serving an impressive atmosphere  for all people especially for the tourists. There are so many objects touristic in Turkey that can steal the heart of the tourist, especially in the Mega City Istanbul. Not only Istanbul, but also other cities  give the extraordinary feeling that you can't find in another places. 

Based on Anadolu Agency from the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies(TÜRSAB), the Health Ministry and private hospital figures, Turkey is thesixth most visited tourism destination in the world, has also become one of themost popular medical tourism destinations with more than half a million medicaltourists visiting the country in 2014. That shows that lots of foreigntourists who select Turkey as a favorite destination of tourism. MedicalTourism provides a great effect in many sectors. Besides the economic side, thehealth sector in this country also developing rapidly within a relatively shorttime, less than a decade. In 2023, Turkey’s Health Ministry intends to increasethe number of medical tourists to 2 million by introducing tax-free health carezones specifically tailored for foreign patients.

There are so many medicaltourists who come from around the world, especially from Europe, Asia, and theMiddle East. This factor (tourism) is finally could be combined with thehealth sector and become one of the references of medical tourism in the world,after the US and Germany. In addition, it's also supported by the state (someof them). Many health centers can be founded here with the best equipments andfacilities but of course with the cheaper price the price than some othercountries.  So, no wonder that's why Turkey become top 10 countries formedical tourist destinations.

For the destination in Turkey, one of their preferred destination is Istanbulwith Blue Mosque and Aya Sofya. Do not worry, there is still plenty of choicein Turkey,not only these two icons of istanbul.  Most importantly, Turkeyalways try to provide the best tourism medical services to the patients.Patients get medical treatments as well as travel experiences at once.

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