Belt Hanger

Patients who have been admitted to a private hospital with lumbar pain are provided with a medical method to determine the source of pain. While lumbar pain sometimes points to the back of the belly, sometimes sudden movement can also occur with problems such as muscular spasm. Belt therapy The Istanbul Medical Center offers the best physiotherapist and physician treatment in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Neck hernia

Neck hernia is also a matter to be investigated and detected like the same belly button. It is unclear whether any of the neck pain complaints of neck pain will be cervical incompetence. As in any disease, early diagnosis and diagnosis is very important for cervical cancer. For this reason, we are warning you that any patient who complains of neck sores should see a doctor. If you have been diagnosed with neck pain, bed rest, drug treatment and physical therapy methods can easily get through.


Although bone mineralization is seen as a disturbance that is compatible with women, it is also an important discomfort for men. Recently, an increase in the number of male patients diagnosed with bone erosion has been observed.


The cartilage touching the joints is the name given to the painful endings and imprisonment. Electrical currents through physical therapy allow you to move more easily by reducing the pain caused by the damage of this cartilage tissue.


The real name is rheumatic diseases; Joints, bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments that cause pain in all structures that make up the movement system such as the name given to the disorder. Rheumatism is a disease that is treated with physical therapy. Any patient with rheumatism can be treated in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation section of the Istanbul Medical Center.