The most popular game among young people in recent days is the Pokemon GO craze. It has become an addict of a mass audience. What harm can this game cause us to spend hours in the virtual world with mobile devices for hours?

The longer we stay in the forward inclined position, the greater the pressure on the vertebrae in our neck. This can cause damage to the discs between the vertebrae. Especially among young people the use of technological devices in such a dense manner is the result; Impairment of posture, increased risk of neck stiffness is an undeniable fact. In short, we have to think once more before we lose ourselves to such games, make necessary neck movements and avoid using mobile devices in the same position for a long time.

Problems in Physical and Digestive Systems

Many families now want their children to spend time outside and on the street, as in old times. The Pokemon Go game did it, but there is something wrong. They go out to pokemon hunting without lifting their heads from the phone on their hands, so they continue to spend time in the virtual environment again. It seems that individuals who can not socialize seem to be aiming at socialization, but they also cause individuals to be pushed to loneliness and increase in social phobia. When young people look at the phone screen, their necks are inclined, that is, their posture is oblique and spoiled, causing spinal problems, digestive problems and other physical problems.

In recent days, even though it is not even legal to come to my country, I wonder what kind of social effects the Pokemon GO game will spread in the youth. Playing the game on the move means that young people do not download the phone anywhere, from parks, gardens, streets, streets, even mosques, and this can create some problems for health reasons. During every overdrawing time on the screen, our eyes are experiencing serious problems like our brain or mental problems, which takes about 1-2 hours on the screen and it takes 8-10 hours with these games. Sleep is the simplest of the signs of sleeping. Thanks to the games like Pokemon Go, our young people are starting to socialize as a social life. Hayato leaves them vulnerable to real events.