How do you keep diarrhea from digestive tract discomforts that are most caught in summer with the end of winter and the approach of summer months? What should the diarrhea do? What should eat and drink? We have answers to your questions.
As the air temperature increases in summer, people like all living things need water. The contamination of microbes around the end of consumption of foods that are not known to be produced in the source of cold water and foods that are not stored in the cold environment and the foods that are sold outside are also facilitated.

Diarrhea also increases bowel movements. Digestion is incomplete, so watery stools are removed more frequently than normal. Among the causes of diarrhea, the first order takes microbe. The most important and common ones are microbial diarrhea. In addition, various medicines, antibiotics, some gastric and intestinal diseases, some hormonal diseases, excessive stress-excitement, travels, changes in eating habits, coastal waters to swim, water swallowed in creeks and lakes also cause diarrhea.

The most troublesome condition in diarrhea is excessive fluid and electrolyte (sodium, potassium) loss. For this reason, fluid consumption and nutrition are of great importance in the treatment of diarrhea.

- Do not consume tap water and unknown water.
- Do not forget that ice-cold water can be a diarrhea source.
- Do not consume raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly before washing.
- Do not wait for a long time outside the fridge.
- Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently.
- Make sure you do not use the same toilets as your diarrhea.

The first job should be to cut off fruit and vegetables at first and follow the amount of lost fluid and make up for the loss by drinking water, buttermilk, mineral water as much as possible. With these measures, it is necessary to go to the infectious diseases polyclinic and examine and examine. Diarrhea can be in the form of microbial, parasitic, transient or food poisoning. According to the result of the examination, treatment should be started as soon as possible.

• When purchasing foodstuffs, make sure that they are manufactured and maintained in accordance with cold chain requirements. Especially vegetable and fruit should take care of the rottenness of the natural color of the visible should be seen.
• Rice should be cleaned, washed, and then disinfected to remove microbes to be more careful in consumed foods.
• Cooked food should be consumed without being cooled and food quality should not be deteriorated by repeated heating attempts and should be placed in the refrigerator until the temperature of the heat reaches to the temperature.
• Ensure that the drinking water is chlorinated or boiled and hygienically bottled.

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