Thermal tourism; the most important difference between medical tourism is; The main problem in medical tourism is a "disease" and it is intervened for treatment. However, the most important point in thermal tourism is thought to be "how can I be healthier". This means that 90% of those who are satisfied with thermal tourism are visiting the same facility again.

In addition to therapies such as thermomineral water bath, breathing, drinking, mud baths, as well as treatments such as physical therapy, climate curing, exercise, rehabilitation, diet, psychotherapy combined with treatment types, the form of tourism is formed by recreation and recreation in thermal waters. (3) Turkey has a world-wide potential in terms of geothermal resources. He was able to benefit from his geographical advantages and was ranked first in terms of resource potential in Europe and third in spa applications. (4)

Thermal tourism application areas are spa centers and spa centers.

There are many types of thermal tourism.

- Exchange rate

It is the treatment method applied by giving the treatment agent at a certain dose, in serial, at regular intervals, for a certain period of time.

- Spa Treatment

It is a treatment system in which natural treatment elements such as soil, ground and marine mineral waters, gases, peliodes and climatic elements are applied in the cure mode together with other climate treatments and other treatments as required.

- Balneotherapy

The natural treatment elements such as thermomineral waters, peloids and gasses are used for treatment in the curing style by bathing, drinking and inhalation methods.

- Inhalation Applications

They are inhalation applications with thermomineral water droplets.

- Drinking Cures

Drinking cures made with mineral water or covered places.

- The Peloidterap

The use of peloids, organic and / or inorganic matter, as a result of natural, geological and / or biological events, as a balneotherapy method. It is known as a therapeutic use of medicinal muds among the public.

- Climatotherapy

Air temperature, humidity, wind intensity and speed, solar radiation and similar climatic factors are applied in systematic and dosed curing style.

- Thalassotherapy

It is a treatment system applied in cure mode of seawater climate and elements under medical supervision and supervision for protective and therapeutic and / or curing purposes.

- Hydrotheraphy

Applications such as washing, showering and pouring with thermomineral waters. It is also defined as a pool treatment program designed to improve and improve the functions related to the neuromusculoskeletal system, which is carried out in pools specially designed for each individual and ideally suited for purpose.

- Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Electrotherapy used in spa treatment, exercise treatments, massage and other methods.

- Medical Treatment

It is a drug treatment method applied locally or systematically to the patient during hot spring treatment.

Support Applications

Health education, dieting practices, regulation of daily living activities, behavior modification training and psychological support.


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