Vaginoplasty; is a general term used for any procedure that reshapes the vagina. It includes both vaginal entry and cosmetic and functional operations of the vaginal canal. Vaginoplasty is often a cursory synonym for vaginal rejuvenation.

In what conditions does vagina expansion and deformity appear?

The most important factors in many women who give birth are vaginal tears at birth, postnatal rupture not being sewn properly, birth sutures not being strong enough, big baby delivery, age progression and loss of vaginal elasticity. In addition, hormonal factors, excessive cigarette smoking, excessive weight and obesity, structural disorders, as well as vaginal enlargement at birth in many patients.

What is the purpose of vaginal contraction (rejuvenation) operations?

The main purpose of vaginal narrowing (rejuvenation) operations is to tighten the enlarged vagina, to provide the normal vaginal narrowness and to increase the vaginal tension, which is to increase the sexual pleasure between the spouses. The severity of vagina during sexual intercourse is also important for both partners. Normal women use vaginal side wall muscles during intercourse. But these muscles are loose in women who have given birth too much.