Near East University Department of Cardiovascular Surgery was founded in 2010. It is currently operating on a global standard with its 10 inpatient services, 4 inpatient intensive care units, 4 inpatient advanced intensive care units and 2 fully equipped operating theatres. Since its foundation in 2010, 600 open heart surgery and 500 peripheric cases were performed in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and it has a lower mortality rate compared to the world average. Our clinic has successfully performed many firsts including the first artificial heart implementation, small incision valve surgeries, congenital heart surgeries and aneurysm surgeries performed openly. Including all diagnosis and treatments related to cardiovascular diseases, Near East University Hospital is providing services and facilities not only to the island’s community but to the citizens of Turkish Republic as well people currently residing on the island from other nationalities. As the department of Cardiovascular surgery, our impeccable synergy with the Cardiology and Anaesthesiology departments improved our success and became a standard for patient preferences. Since its foundation our clinic has performed numerous operations leading to ground breaking successes on the island, becoming as prominent as other cardiovascular surgery clinics all over the world. Heart Transplant - Artificial Heart Transplant The experienced center in the field of heart transplant, artificial heart transplant and have physicians who performed numerous heart transplant operations in Turkey is also accredited by Turkey Science Board. Surgeries performed in the Department of Cardiovascular; • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery; it is a bypass surgery performed on a working heart or by the use of heart–lung machine • Valve diseases surgery; Both mechanic and bioprosthesis valve change surgery via age appropriately chosen method • Mitral valve diseases surgery; requires high surgical experience which we have to repair or change mitral valve • Adult Congenital Disease Surgeries; Congenital heart anomaly surgeries which are performed with a small incision followed by a regular incision • - Aortic Aneurysm surgery; Aneurysm (embolism) operations with endovascular stent technique via heart-lung machine • Aortic dissection surgery; operations are urgently performed on patients who arrive at our hospital due to dissection. • Heart Deficiency Surgery and Ventricle Support Device Procedures; ventricle support device (artificial heart devices) procedures on patients with advanced stage heart deficiency. • Carotis Artery Surgery; these surgeries are successfully performed on patients with intercarotid embolism in our fully equipped clinic. • Varicosis surgery; any type of varicosis treatments is performed in our clinic. • Peripheric Artery Disease Surgery; stent treatment and surgery can be performed on patients especially with embolism in the leg vessels who cannot perform daily activites.
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• Fistule Operations Directed At Chronic Kidney Disease Patients; Haemodialysis catheter and fistule operations aimed at patients with kidney diseases who need dialysis. Globally agreed upon modern methods are used along with conventional methods in our clinic. Some of these methods are as follows. • Valve fixing operations with minimal invasive (small incision method); Valve operations with small incision used in limited centres around the world. • surgery with minimal invasive (small incision method); Bypass operation via small incision for patients who are suitable. • Aneurysm Treatment With Endovascular Stent; Aneurysm (emboli) surgeries entering from an endovascular small incision for aneurysm patients with high open surgery rates (embole=blood vessel swelling). • Varicose Treatment via Radiofrequency and Laser Methods; all Varicose vein applications and modern treatments as well as laser and radiofrequency ablation techniques are performed successfully in our clinic.