All services related to plastic and reconstructive needs as well as laser and blemish treatments are provided in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of our Hospital. Various regions of the body are reconstructed in plastic surgery and interventions. The aim of reconstructive surgery and interventions is to restructure deformed organs and tissues due to trauma, cancer, infection or congenital reasons and to make them regain their functionality. Many non-surgical methods are used in plastic and reconstructive surgery in addition to the surgery to aid with the recovery. Laser techniques used for the treatment of capillary vessels, removal of unwanted hair or botox, filling and lipid injections used in wrinkle treatments can be given as examples. Surgeries and Interventions Performed in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetical Surgery Department: • Liposuction and Fat Injection • Breast Enlargement, Lift, Reduction, Breast Reconstruction • Abdominoplasty • Face Prostheses • Filling and Lipid Injections • Botox injections • Chemical Peeling • Dermabrasion • Hand surgery • Skin cancers • Capillary Vessel treatment • Scarring treatment • Skin Rejuvenation • Treatment of Congenital Anomalies Such as cleft lip, palate and Multiple Fingers