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“Istanbul Oncology Hospital” is located at the anatolian side of Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey,
“IstanbulOncologyHospital” was founded in 2008 as an outpatient clinic with the name “Istanbul On-Ko Medical Center”.And served medicine in this manner until July,2015; Thus it is a brand new hospital with 7 years of experience.

As Turkish ministry of health approved the Hospital Licence in July, 2015; Henceforth, İstanbul On-KoMedical Center started tos erve as a Hospital. All the founders of Istanbul Oncology Hospitalare medical doctors two of whom have academical degrees (Professor and Associate professor) Istanbul Oncology Hospital has 54 bed capacity including the intensive care unit (7 beds).There are also 2 highly equipped operating rooms.

Istanbul Oncology Hospital is specialized in the diagnosis, and surgical and nonsurgical treatment of cancer with its highly equipped “Radiotherapy (IMRT), Chemotherapy, lowdose PET-CT, Radiology and Laborator yunits.
Cancermanagement is performed in a multidisciplinaryapproach in IstanbulOncologyHospital. Our center follows the global scientific and technological developments and also serves as a referenced oncological institution for its high quality service standards in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our center acts accordingly with the scientific and ethical principles, always aiming at scientific and technological innovation, the center served.


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