The Ophthalmology Center at the Regional Hospital is managed by Mikheil Omiadze and Mikheil Gabrichidze. We offer a full range of planned and emergency services 24 hours a day!

Our team of professionals is equipped with modern equipment and unique diagnostic and surgical technology. This allows for best treatment outcomes.


Ophthalmology services:

1.  Ultrasound treatment of cataracts (without sutures)

     -Phacoemulsification using high-tech multifocal lens implantation


•        Treatment of congenital cataract using artificial lenses 

•        Laser treatment of secondary cataracts - YAG laser capsulotomy         


2.  Surgical treatment of glaucoma


   -Express shunt implantation

   -YAG laser iridotomy


3.  Conservative and surgical treatment of keratoconus


      -UV radiation of cornea - crosslinking.

      -Intracorneal ring implantation using femtolaser

      -Corneal transplantation using femtolaser  


4. Artificial corneal implantation (Boston Keratoprosthesis)


5. Correction of astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia using femtolaser

    (astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia)


6.  Surgical correction of severe myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia using phakic lens implantation.


7.  Intraocular injection of Avastin (intravitreous) (macular dystrophy and diabetic eye)


8.  Surgical treatment of retinal detachment, hemopthalmos - vitrectomy.


9. Surgical treatment of nystagmus and computer programs for amblyopia exercises.


10. Retinal laser-coagulation for diabetic eye and peripheral dystrophy. 


11. 24-hour emergency services

Traumas, acute eye infections, foreign body removal, burns, etc.


12.  Micro surgery (lids, conjunctiva, lacrimal canals, etc.) enucleation, evisceration



High-technology investigations:


1.  Angiography


2. Coherent tomography – Anterior segment, retinal and optic nerve (diagnostics of glaucoma years before its manifestation) pathologies.


3. Corneal topography – corneal thinning (keratoconus) - early diagnostics using Pentacam.


4. Ultrasound diagnostics - B Scan (Sonomed Escalon) eye ultrasound, UBM - Anterior segment ultrasound


5.  Corneal endothelial cell count – Specular microscopy for corneal pathologies, early diagnostics.


6. Verion – Artificial (Toric) lens for cataract surgery


7. Computer perimetry – determining the visual field