Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition is among most important needs, starting from intrauterine life till the end of the life, which should be satisfied in order to survive a healthy life. Adequate and balanced diet is a requisite for healthy growth and particularly for mental development. Adequate and balanced diet behavior is of primary role for preventing many diseases incLuding cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases deriving from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, malnutrition and obesity.

Nutrition and Diet Department of Medistate Hospital Istanbul offers services based on the target of creating awareness of healthy diet in accordance with scientific data.

Diet programs of the department;

  • Diet of pregnant and nursing mothers,
  • Pre school and school children,
  • Nutrition in adolescent period,
  • Nutrition of sportsmen,
  • Nutrition in advanced age,
  • Weight losing and gaining programs,
  • Nutrition in diseases.