The primary death cause in the world is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular occlusion and the heart attack depending on this impair life quality of people and cause fatal consequences. Fortunately, certain diagnosis of cardiovascular occlusion has become possible by the foundation of angiographic laboratories. Cardiovascular occlusions can be detected through X rays, the imaging in cardiac vein by sound waves, imaging through direct measurement of pressure from cardiac vein and they can be opened without causing to heart attack with the help of small apparatus called as stent. Even during the heart attack, embolectomy is possible and by this means it could be provided to prolong the life expectancy prominently.

The coronary angiography unit, which is equipped with modern devices and gives priority to the safety of the patients and health care and works with the principle of serving for 24 hours, is available in our hospital.

The developments in the interventional cardiology in the world are closely followed and the latest technology is used.

Not only Cardiovascular occlusion but also carotid arteries, renal veins, arteries of the arms and legs occlusion can be treated by balloon/stent methods. The vasodilatations in aorta (aneurysm) can be treated without operation. Congenital holes in the heart (such as: ASD,VSD, PDA) can be closed by using an umbrella like devises without any incision in the body. The diagnosis of Cardiac Dysrhythmia is available with the method called electrophysiological and the treatment of Cardiac Dysrhythmia is available with the method called as ablastion. In the patients who have very slow or rapid heart rate, Cardiac Dysrhythmia can be removed by placing pacemaker.

In our angiography laboratory, the attempts, which are done in the advanced conditions, continue shortly and the patients, who have angiography, are discharged from hospital in the same day and the patients, who are treated by interventional methods, are discharged from the hospital the following day. Wrist artery, which provides excellent patient comfort, can be used in most of the operations. In this way, the patients can walk however they wish, meet their own needs without need of bed rest after the angiography.