Cardiology Department of Private Aritmi Osmangazi Hospital has provided 7/24 service since 2006. It made progress in parallel with great move of the hospital by providing polyclinic service to the patient over 100 thousand up to the present. Currently there are five cardiologists and 20 nurses providing service for you. Within the body of Cardiology Service, there are 20 cardiology beds and 6 beds coronary intensive care unit where all kinds of interventional cardiology monitoring is made. Diagnosis and treatment of highly advanced technological devices and hearth diseases is carried out with success. Diagnosis and treatment is applied to annually average 3500 patients with Siemens branded coronary angiography device in invasive cardiology laboratory.

Applications such as opening of clogged coronary veins with the help of balloon and stent help by being determined with coronary angiography, surgical closure of some holes in the congenital heart, treatment of enlarged aortic vein with nonsurgical stent methods, treatment of cardiac arrhythmias by attaching cardiac pacemaker or, with the ablation method are included in routine clinical applications.

Furthermore, four pieces of echocardiography device as three dimensional used with extremely high sensitivity in diagnosis of heart disease in the clinic are available. "Transesophageal echocardiography" and "stress echo" applications as well as surface echocardiography are made with these devices. Three effort test device used in the diagnosis of hearth vein diseases and nine Holter device used in cardiac rhythm disorders are available. In addition, five "blood pressure holter" in the clinic and used in diagnosis of hypertension is available.

As a result of cooperation made with radiology and nuclear medicine departments within the body of hospital, "Cardiac multidetector computed tomography", "cardiac MR" and "myocardial perfusion scintigraphy" are carried out and thus determination of heart diseases can be diagnosed by high-sensitivity. Developments in the cardiology field are advancing with a dizzying pace. The aim of the clinic is to contribute to the clinical improvement of hearth health of the people by following closely these developments.

ECG (Electro Cardio Graph)

It is recording of electrical activity of heart as a graph from the body surface.

Echo (Echocardiography)

It is examination of heart as ultrasonography. In this way, cardiac cavities, cardiac valves and heart contradiction with other structures and other functions are assessed. Pediatric Echo is made by our children cardiologist.

ECG with Effort (Treadmill)

The patient is walked on a rotating band according to a certain protocol. In the differential diagnosis of coronary heart disease, in patients with heart attack, in the determination of exercise capacity of patients with heart attack, in evaluation of drug effect and in high-risk groups over 40 years of age it is applied in routine.


It is a method, which put definite diagnosis and used for the diagnosis of palpitation, which is where and when will start is not definite. Electrical recordings can be obtained directly through inside of heart and outside by making some warnings and interventions and the occurrence of arrhythmias is provided at that moment. Recordings taken during the arrhythmia put the most accurate diagnosis.

Holter Monitoring ECG Holter

It is the examination of ECGs of patient recorded for 24 hours’ time. Rhythm problems or secret coronary artery disease related to the patient's complaints are used.

Blood Pressure Holter

It is the performance of measuring of blood pressure automatically with pre-programmed intervals without limiting the patient's daily life. In patients with suspected hypertension, it is used in determination when tension goes up in which day's hour in the hypertensive patients and determination of drug efficacy in patients using medicine.