At Yeditepe University Hospital, hair transplantation is performed using a method called FUE, which provides a comprehensive solution in 85% of hair loss cases in a single session. It is performed under local anesthesia. 

The hair transplantation is performed as follows:

First, a graft is obtained from the donor in the maximum number possible. Then, the hair follicles obtained are kept in a special PRP solution. Canals where the follicles are to be transplanted into are opened, and they are transplanted into the canals as the final process.

Hair transplantation is performed at Yeditepe University Hospital in accordance with the HR SYSTEMS Criteria. These criteria are the set of all rules to be followed for a safe and successful hair transplantation. Based on the HR SYSTEMS Criteria, the maximum number of grafted follicles are transplanted within 4 to 5 hours by physicians and hair transplantation specialists.

Patients are generally especially keen on obtaining a natural look after the procedure. This can only be ensured by having the front hair line, planning and canal opening performed by a trained and experienced physician. Other services must be provided by specialist allied health personnel under the strict supervision of a physician.


As Yeditepe University Hospital, we offer professional solutions to this hair loss issues, and with hair transplantation.

Hair loss is a condition that has started to emerge at an earlier age. Patients can now take advantage of treatments at Yeditepe University Hospital that

  • reduce the severity of hair loss,
  • prevent hair loss
  • improve hair quality

More radical procedures like hair transplantation are of benefit in more advanced stages of hair loss.

Our Hair Health and Hair Transplantation Unit at Yeditepe University Hospital offers advanced solutions for hair loss with the following applications:


Early age hair loss may be treated with an appropriate medical shampoo and special home care treatments. In these cases, an examination by our physician followed by a few tests is sufficient for the correct treatment to be determined.

Patients themselves can comfortably continue with their treatment with the prescription provided by our physician.

These treatments are ideal for:

  • Hairdresser-damaged or distressed hair
  • Hair loss due to incorrect product usage
  • Dull, neglected or limp hair


Mesotherapy is a baldness treatment alternative that allows re-growth. It can also delay male pattern baldness.


Both men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss. Male pattern baldness is also a serious concern for a large portion of the population. These conditions fall under the medical term "alopecia." Some of the common signs and symptoms of alopecia include:

  • Balding
  • Patchy Hair Loss
  • Progressive Thinning of the Hair

Mesotherapy Treatment Description:

At Yeditepe University Hospital, using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished, all of which can improve hair re-growth.

With mesotherapy, treatment for hair loss will generally be done via an injection gun as opposed to the mesotherapist injecting by hand. This helps to make mesotherapy treatment for hair loss faster as well as less painful.

Over time, the mesotherapy solution will neutralize the DHT hormone, causing hair to grow again.

You may need as many as five sessions of this mesotherapy treatment for hair loss over a period of four to six months before you see significant results. Our Yeditepe University Hospital mesotherapist will let you know if your particular case requires more or less treatment.


Mesotherapy can potentially eliminate the need for hair transplant surgery. However, remember that mesotherapy treatments work best when toxins are eliminated from your diet and you are following a healthy exercise program.


How does PRP work?

Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells, and autologous blood products that contain essential and specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing. Published medical literature from Europe and the United States confirms the safety and use of PRP therapy.

In the field of hair restoration, evidence supports PRP therapy as a promising non-surgical therapeutic option for those patients with hair loss.


Blood is drawn at The Yeditepe University Hospital clinic as though you are having routine blood testing. The blood is spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood.

The PRP is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. The system used at Yeditepe University Hospital eliminates granulocytes which hurts tissue regeneration and wound healing. An anesthesia block is given to nerves of the scalp so the patient does not feel any pain. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp. The patient’s hair is then washed and the patient may drive home without any assistance. No sedation or any medication is given during the procedure to inhibit the ability to drive or use machinery.