Yeditepe University Sexual Dysfunction Center has been established to offer individuals and couples a confidential and sensitive service to help resolve issues in their lives.

Research shows that two out of three people experience sexual problems at some point in their lives. In spite of being such a widespread problem, sexual issues remain inexplicably ‘under the carpet’. In the absence of professional advice, problems can be exacerbated by the spread of incorrect information. Yet sexual dysfunction can be treated at professional centers such as Yeditepe University Sexual Health Center.

Yeditepe University Sexual Dysfunction Center enthusiastically embraces a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of sexual dysfunction issues. Our center collaborates closely with our psychiatry, gynecology and urology units, and when required we are supported by our neurology department.

The privacy and confidence of all our patients and visitors are strictly respected and they consult with experienced experts who have received specialized training in their field.

Yeditepe University Sexual Dysfunction Center differs importantly from other centers in not being obviously signed or indicated. This is a deliberate policy that allows couples to feel at ease, away from any real or perceived social pressure.