Experienced technical personnels serve with the technological equipment of international standard by keeping the highest level of reliable, accurate and high quality medical laboratory service in the light of scientific and ethical rules. In our lab, which aims to provide high quality service with international reliability criteria, all samples are identified to our system by barcoding and the analyzes are loaded to the devices via barcodes.

In the biochemistry and microbiology laboratories, many routine and specific analysis are studied with special kits and autoanalysers.

These analysis are:

.Routine biochemical tests such as diabetes, liver, pancreas, biliary tract, kidney, cardiac, blood fats, anemia, electrolytes, bone marker,

.Culture tests,

.Hematological tests

.Proteins in body fluids, hepatitis, pregnancy infections, serological tests that have an important place in the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases

.Hormone, tumor marker and drug levels.