Our laboratory, which is a special department, can provide rarely performable, featured tests. Tests accepted to Hormone, Hematology-Coagulation, Medication Levels, Tumor Identifiers departments are performed in the biochemistry department.

In Hormone Department tests present in infertility monitoring, examination of thyroid hormones, which have a significant role in the movement of the metabolism, measurement of vitamin levels and evaluation of cardiac diseases are being performed. Tumor identifiers in blood, which provides information about examination of the complete system in direction of existence of cancer, are also measured within the same department.

Hematology-Coagulation Department covers a series of tests present in multi parameter blood count, determination of hemorrhage and coagulation deformations. We are also able to measure sensitivity for aspirin and clopidogrel usage, which can only be worked on rare centers but has a significant clinical value. Thromboelastography device, which is used in determination of necessity of blood transfusion before and during surgery and thus minimizing unnecessary blood use, is taken advantage of.

In Medication Levels Department, levels of medication used for cardiac diseases, medication used for neurological problems, medication used for suppressing organ rejection in patients who had organ transplantations and chemotherapeutic medication are being monitored.

Other than requests of doctors, gathering information about medically acknowledged and diagnostically significant tests, as results of researches, and sharing those information with physicians are also services provided by the Biochemistry Laboratory. These tests are added to the panel of the Biochemistry Laboratory after being decided together with physicians and this is the utmost effort shown by the laboratory to keep its quality of service updated.

The Biochemistry laboratory, which does necessities of being particularly aimed to produce reliable results, operates 7 days a week. Internal Quality Controls of each test is being monitored and also External Quality Controls are being performed as the samples coming from international centers, of which we are members, are processed and the results are evaluated worldwide.