Brain, Nerve, Spinal Cord Surgery

 These pains include a wide range of pathologies ranging from a very serious pathology in the brain to stress headaches, due to overstressing the neck muscles
Symptoms such as vision, balance disorders, dizziness, vomiting, night aggravation of pain, or sudden onset of pain should be an alarm for the physician

Tension Headache
In tension headaches, patients talk about the stiffness of the neck muscles, the increase in pain with the same position of staying for a long time, and the stresses that improve the pain

Neck Pain
Neck pain in the neck range of motion, movement of the arm, pain, sensation and reflex reduction in the arm findings such as neck disc diseases should consider. Simple neck pains may be due to muscle pain, which is seen with the trigger points in the neck muscles and is defined as (Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Low Back Pain

Local lumbar pain and restriction in waist movements suggest degenerative disc disease, while pain increase, spread to the leg and scoliosis that develops during movement indicate more disc disorders and hernias
It should be considered as a sign of danger that the severity of the pain is increasing in the interrogation of the patients and that the patient is exacerbated at night and that the patient is awakened from sleep, and serious causes such as inflammatory disease or tumor should be sought under the pain

Leg Aches
Leg pain may be caused by diseases of the disc and joints especially in the waist, knee, hip arthritis called calcification in the joints, nerve damage or narrowing of the waist channel due to contraction of the nerve tissue may be caused
Our hospital, especially on the aya locomotor system imi with advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, Physical Therapy, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Neuroanesthesia, Neurology and Orthopedics Departments As a result of the Kollabore study, it serves an important patient group in our region

 Spinal Neurosurgery:  In the traumatic, congenital and degenerative diseases of the spine, surgical procedures are performed in appropriate indications. As a result of surgical interventions performed with minimally challenging microsurgical techniques, awareness and rahabilitation practices are performed together with physical therapy department. Surgical treatments are performed

Pediatric Neurosurgery: Chronial and spinal pathologies originating from the conjunctival and acquired origin are surgical intervention in the microsurgical technique
Peripheral Nerve Surgery: Brachial plexus surgery, nerve entrapment neuropathies (such as carpal tunnel syndrome ulner olach syndrome tarsal tunnel syndrome), marton nönoma, nerve sheath tumors, nerve cuts, traumatic nerve injuries are the main ones

Trauma: Patients with head trauma or head trauma with generalized body traumas receive emergency interventions