Workup and treatments of Heart and blood vessel diseases, heart rhythm disorders, solutions for the problems related to hypertension and high cholesterol and risk designation of vessel diseases are carried out at cardiology polyclinic.


It is an interventional workup of heart's structural and functional evaluation, and this make it unique.Echocardiography provides information for the pumping funtion of the heart, valves structure and funtional situation and hearts structural anomalies.

It is of importance at the diagnosis of cardiac valves' leakage and tightness, and for the diagnosis of congenital heart and heart muscle diseases.


It can be defined as the process of EKG's continuous observation and registiration with certain laps while increasing the heart's burden by doing exercise on a treadmill.

Effort test is mostly applied to those who are to be diagnosed with coronary insufficiency( tightness or blockages in arteries nourishing the heart) or diagnosed patients followup. Besides, effort tests are also practiced for

the determination of exercise competence, the investigation of blood pressure's reaction to the exercise, analyses of the rhythm and conduction failures occuring while doing exercise and the reasons behind fainting.


It is a device which measures the blood pressure for 24 hours with certain laps and registers it. It is made up of cuff, which is put on the arm and a recorder. Received data is uploaded to a computer, and then analyzed, and this allows several measurements' evaluation related to the blood pressure's daily process. Blood pressure holter analysis is carried out with the purpose of investiating the daily changes in blood pressure, drug-resistant hypertension, and for the examination of the effectiveness of medication.


Heart's electrical activity is recorded by at least three channels in this method. Depending on the holter device used, recordings are transferred into a computer  to be analyzed and this allows many analyses related to the parameters of the heart rhythm. Rhythm investigation is mostly used for the evaluation of the heart rhythm parameters.