Intensive Care

Intensive care unit of our hospital is a multidiscipliner unit equipped with advanced technology serving 24 hours to patients whose one or more than one organ is temporarily dysfunctional. The services given here intends to keep the patient alive until the root of the problem is taken care of. There are monitors where we monitor the vital functions of our patients and respirators at the bedsides of our intensive care unit.

Patient groups who are to be monitored at the Intensive Care

•Patients suffering from serious respiratory insufficiency

• Patients with severe heart failures

• Patients with severe kidney insufficiency

• Patients who experienced sudden stroke

• Patients with serious infection, namely septisemi

• Intoxications

• Patients who experienced general body troumas

• Patients with neural system disseases ( Such as Myasthenia gravis, Gullain-Barre)

• Patients who require follow up after serious surgeries

• Overall failures due to aging

• Systemic insufficiencies due to malign diseases, etc.