Lipoidısis, scall, pustule treatment in the skin, callus and mycetes treatment, hair, skin and nail mycetes' treatment, diagnosis and treatment of all sexually transmitted skin diseases, urticaria treatment and investigation of its causes, atopic eczema in babies and young children, contact dermatitis, cosmetics allergies, skin-patch and allergy tests, wart and mole treatment, etc. are practices at our demrmatology clinic.

All sorts of skin dieases are diagnosed and treated at our dermatology clinic by our specialist doctor as well as the following operations:

· Detailed examination and regular follow up - when necessary- of nevi by dermatoscopy device.

· Detection of the allergic materials causing sneezing, nasan flow, and frequent cough and their immunization treatment if necessary

· Acne , acne scars and melasma (known as postnatal or sunburn scars) treatment using glycolic acid (fruit acid) with chemical peeling method.