Koru Hospitals Clinic Laboratories

  The latest technology and current methods have being used to give service with the policy ‘Providing confidence, respect and satisfaction of patients’  

Koru Hospitals Clinic Laboratories, clinic bio-chemistry, clinic microbiology, serology and haematology have being given services with specialists and staff following the new brand and adapt themselves. Our knowledge, abilites and experiences have been reaching you equal with international standard.

Our clinic labarotories has been giving service to our patients who get service from hospital patient, emergency service and intensive care units.

Our laboratories have been giving service 7 days 24 hours. In our laboratories, assistant tests to help diagnosis of many important diseases involving heart, liver, bone and kidney, tumor markers, allergy tests, measure of hormone level, screen tests prenatal and various infections, rheumatic diseases, diagnosis of bleeding disorders and definition of using drugs tests have being done.

In our microbiology laboratory, not only urinate, stool, and blood examples but also vaginal and throat examples have being analysed. The aim; the cause of diseases such as bacteria, mycetes, moldiness and parasite have being isolated.

Both traditional methods and media and automatize microbiology system have being used to separate bacteria and ferment (identification). Micro-organism which has clinical importance can be distinguished at a level of type with automatize microbiology system. Antibiotic sensibility studies are started up with automatic systems and reported according to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute criteria.

In our hospitals, the results of the test can be followed online by the laboratory.

Our laboratories are under guarantee of not only internal daily quality control but also international quality control.

 Infrastructure and Equipment

Biochemical auto-analyser : Cobas Integra 400 plus (Roche Diagnostics)

Hormone /serology devices : Cobas e 411 (Roche Diagnostics

Hormone /serology devices : Vidas-3 (Bio Merieux)

Blood count devices (22 parameter) : Sysmax 1800i (Roche Diagnostics)

Sedimentation device : Monitor 100. Vital

Blood type identification : Dia med

Coagulometer : Start 4 (Diagnostico Stago)

Urine analyzer : Uroscan

Automatize identification system : Phoenix (Becton Dickinson)

Autoclause : Nucleus (Indem)

Laminar flow : Class II A2 (Metis )

Incubators : Nucleus (Indem)

Incubators : Nucleus (Indem)

Water bath : Nucleus (Indem)

Blood culture device : Bactec 9050(Becton Dickinson)

Chair side glucose test : Accu Check Inform II