Koru Hospital Psychologıcal Support Unit

Counselling service has being presented to teenagers, adults, couple and families in our hospital’s psychological support unit.

Couple and Family Interview

Family Therapy: family therapy is a therapy to evaluate the family as a whole and a system. Individual problems are nor important in family therapy. Moreover, it is based on the problems in relationship.

Not only wife and husband can join in therapy but also the children.

The area of family and marriage therapy:

The problem of communication interfamilial

The process of divorcing

The preparation of marriage

The problems about second marriage

The efforts for developing and improving relationship

Commit Adultery

The problems about children

Severe conflict

The problems of nuclear family

Sexual problems

Sexual Therapy: Sexual therapy is a therapy that is applied for treating of various sexual problems. 

It has being studied problems such as vaginismus, premature climax, male erectile dysfunction, sexual drive disorder, female sexual arousal disorder and orgasmic disorder with sexual therapy.

Individual Interview

Depression: depression is one of the psychological problems about feeling, thought and behaviour of people. Everybody may be feel sad themselves from time to time. However, time is so long in depression and person may be affected negatively in his or her Daily life. If it is not treated, the life of person will be affected.

The signs of depressions are:

Feeling sadness and unhappy

Remove willingness from oneself


Sleeping problems

Eating disorder

The feeling of insignificance, despair and hopelessness

 Having problems about relationship

Lack of attention and memory problems

Tiredness, weakness and have a short fuse

Headache, neck ache, stomach-ache etc.

Self-destruction, suicide attempt

Anxiety disorders of childhood or adolescence


Panic disorder

Overcoming the stress

Anger management

Grief process

Eating disorders


Psychological support for cancer

Exam anxiety

The problems of teenage have being given service.