In our Neurosurgery Department, surgical services have given in the areas of neuro-trauma; neuro-oncology; neuro-vascular surgery; pediatric neuro-surgery; pain surgery and complex spinal surgery.


• Operating microscope

• Mobile scopy for intraoperative radiography

• Navigation for intraoperative tumour surgery

• Ultrasonographic aspirator being used in tumor surgery

Diagnostic and Treatment of Diseases

• Neuro-oncologic Diseases

• Spinal Diseases, Spinal and Spinal Cord Diseases

• Pain Surgery

• Childhood Nerve Tumors

• Peripheric Nerve Surgery

Surgery - Procedures and Interventions

Tumour surgery-belongs to brain, spinal cord and nerve system of adults and children-, developed diseases and treatments of the brain and vessel abnormalities surgery have being examined. Emergency services and intensive care services have being provided in a coordinated manner in the speedy diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of head and spinal cord injuries related to trauma.

Featured service areas

Vessel and structural diseases surgery and surgical treatment of acquired and congenital tumours-belongs to nerve system and spinal cord of adults and children’s brain.