Our department, provides service with the procedures detailed below; 

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery:

 Oral Cavity, chin bones, teeth infections, tumoral diseases and chin-facial area development disorders are profession of this subbranch of Oral and Dental Health department. This subbranch requires 4 yeared specialty discipline including detailed practice and theorical education after completing standard dentistry education.

This Speciality includes treatments detailed below;

    Impacted wisdom tooth and canine tooth extractions.

    ​ Endosseous dental implantation

    Preparing oral are to denture with preprosthetic oral surgery

    Precancerous lesion follow up and treatment which are mostly seen in oral soft tissue and gingiva

    Gnathostoma treatment

    Chin Cyst treatment

    Maxillofacial anomaly treatments

    Maxillofacial bone fracture treatments

    Orthognathic Surgery (Facial Anomaly Treatment)


This subbranch is performing Oral soft (gingiva and mucosa) and hard(alveol bone) tissue diseases diagnose and treatments and informing patients about oral and dental health protection.

Periodontology’s clinical procedures are, preventing tooth loss related to bone loss with surgical or non surgical interventions and gingival recession treatments.

Restorative Dental Treatment:

 This subbranch’s treatment areas are, material loss related with tooth decay or trauma, composit filling, aesthetic procedures.


This speciality deals with children’s teeth and peripheral area tissue problems, tooth decay prevention methods, tooth treatments and treatment materials in children. Also this department informs children and their parents about oral hygiene, tooth decay prevention methods .


This subbranch’s treatment areas are; Dental pulpa (tissue that provides tooth’s regenaration and feeling, which consists of nerves and veins.) and diseases related to surrounding tissues of tooth root.

Prosthetic Dentistry:

Prosthetic Dentistry Department, is in to restoration of maxillafacial tissues and tooth losses with artificial substances, maintenanceand treatment of oral functionalities,aesthetics and also in general patient health.

According to lost tooth amounts, location and tissue surroundings, treatment types are; fixed restorations, partial dentures and complete dentures. Related to improvements in dental implantation technology we are now cabaple of producing dentures supported by implants.Also in temporomandibular joint disorders, occlusal rehabilitation and treatment conduction is one of the most important task of prosthetic dentistry.

In all of our restorations main goal is to render all functions and aesthetics which patient feel absence of and willing to gain again.