The Medical Oncology Department of our hospital consists of a polyclinic on 6th floor and Daytime Treatment Centre with 10 beds together with a 6 beds capacity Oncology Service both on 5th floor. The Medical Oncology Service provides services to all the cancer patients by means of using all the abiities of the modern medicine.

The patients diagnosed as cancer or the patients with doubt of cancer are accepted in the department. The specialists of the Medical Oncology perform the diagnosis, treatment (chemotherapy, target treatments, cytokine treatents, simultaneous radiotherapy and chemotherapy and hormonal therapies) and post-treatment follow-ups of the cancer patients in a multi-disciplinary approach (surgical branches, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, clinic psychology, psychiatry, medical genetics, physical treatment, rehabilitation and nutrition specialist).

The Medical Oncology Department performs the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, stomach-intestine cancers, pancreas cancer, prostate cancer, kidney-bladder cancer, lung cancers, head and neck cancer, liver cancers, gall bladder and tracts cancer, malign mesenchymal tumors, brain tumors, melanoma and other skin cancers, thyroid cancer, testis (male egg) cancer, ovary (female egg)-uterine and  cervical cancers etc.

The performed treatments are loyal to the international actual treatment approaches whereas in the same level of standards with the Western countries. The daytime treatment unit provide short time and infusional chemotherapies and assisting treatments including venous port, catheter maintenance services etc. For the patients with diagnosis problems or in a general situation not suiting to outpatient treatment or requiring continuous infusion, the department has an inpatient section. The Medical Oncology Department also performs the follow-up and treatment of the patients requiring assistance treatments and the patients that have undergone interventional treatments.