New-born intensive care unit in Koru Hospital has been giving service to babies with our healthy staff, educated nurses, technical equipment and extensive space 24 hours.

Our new-born intensive care unit is the largest intensive care with 16 beds and advanced opportunities in Ankara. There are 16 incubator which give the heat of bed automatically when week of birth and weight of baby are entered, 2 open bed with radiant heater, 2 transport incubators with ventilator, 5 mechanic ventilators, 6 phototherapy device to be given led light, blood gas device,14 monitors, portable roentgen, ultrasonography and echocardiography devices in our unit.

Having sufficient number of nurses and new-born specialists are very important in new-born unit. In our unit, a nurse takes care of three babies. Initiative and treatment of patients have being done by new-born specialist.

Our new-born intensive care unit supplies care for babies who have infection and neonatal jaundice, high risk for organ damage because of the difficult born, too much or too little weight according to the week of pregnancy, to born in multiple pregnancy, abort, to need mechanic respiration support and premature babies.

In our new-born intensive care unit, mechanic respiration support, blood Exchange, phototherapy, percutaneous catheter applications, total parenteral nutrition applications, thorax tube, invasive blood pressure monitarization, chair side echocardiography, chair side ultrasonography retinopathy treatment have being done. Our unit takes consultation from paediatry cardiology and paediatry surgery.

Local immunity, cellular and humoral immunity system ensuring protection new-born babies against infections are more insufficient than adolescent. In this period, babies tend infections. The rate of infections are decreasing in our new-born unit with controlling infection methods. Our special measures such as controlling methods, the committee of infection control, isolation units, washing hands, sterilization of equipment, using disposable materials and the health of staff enable to decrease hospital infection.