1- Scintigraphy 

With latest technology double detectored camera system (GE NM 630) all of the scintigraphic and scinti-tomographic scanning can be performed fast and accurate.


With PET / CT, which is the latest stage of molecular imaging techniques ,we are in your service with, oncological( canser diagnosis, re staging, treatment response follow-up, recurrence research, planning radiotherapy, determining suitable biopsy area etc.) cardiologic (coronary artery disease, determining myocardium’s vitality, following up patients who had bypass surgery etc.), brain and nerve diseases, (demantia, brain cancer, determining suitable biopsy area, brain development disorders, Parkinson disease, epilepsy, stroke, some genetic related diseases etc.) psychiatric diseases (schizophrenia, attention disorders, hyperkinetic diseases, anxiety , panic disorders, speech disorder, alcohol and drug addictions, neurotransmitter and receptor disorders etc.)

3- Radionuclide Treatment

Thyroid Cancer and Hyperthroidism - I-131
Neuroendocrin tumors  I-131 MIBG
Intracavitary Treatmenti  P-32, Y-90, Re-186
Bone Metastasis Palliation Sr-89, Re-186, Sm-153, Ra-223
Resistant Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  Zevalin (Ritüksimab + Y-90)
Liver Cancer and Liver Metastasis Y-90 microsphere