First and periodical examinations of flight crew are performed by hospitals, which have authorization certificate of AVIATION MEDICAL CENTER authorized by SHGM, in accordance with health and safety rules (according to the requirements of ICAO and JAR-FCL 3) set by international aviation authorities. AMC, which performs these examinations, is required to be within the structure of a general hospital and have at least 2 flight doctors working within the scope of them. One of the doctors heads Board of Health. Board of Health consists of flight doctor and specialists in the fields of, ENT, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry. Consultation request may be needed from branches such as Cardiology, Urology, Orthopedics.

The aims of these examinations are to control if good health status of flight crew, which should be health at all times, maintains or not, and to ensure them healthily ready for flight. They are required to be examined periodically according to licenses types, air vehicles used by them, their duties and ages, in order to use the authority assigned by flight licenses. This period is once every 5 years for amateur pilot who have PPL license and examined by 2nd degree pilot examination to the age of 40; once every 2 years for those at the age of between 40-49; every year for those at the age of 50 and over. Professional pilots who have CPL and ATPL licenses are examined by 1. Degree pilot examination and this period is one year to the age of 60 and once every 6 months for those over the age of 60.

First examination is performed before flight personnel begin their training; following examinations are called periodic examinations.

During these examinations; special tests applied to aviators such as Electrocardiogram (ECG) - Audio, visual field testing, chest X-ray and lung function tests are performed at intervals depending on age and year. Further examinations are also performed if necessary, in addition to standard tests such as biochemical tests, full urinary tests. As a result of these examinations, reports of flight personnel are prepared and sent to on electronic media as SHGM and PDF.

If there are situations resulted from aviator status, but are on the borderline according to the rules, such as the stent, balloon, by-pass, kidney stones, diabetes; such restrictions as: OML, OSL,TML, SIC which may be permanent or temporary may be imposed. When such as case occurs, definitive judgment will be determined by General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

‘Certificate of non-airworthiness’ is given if the flight personnel is regular for health status rules (according to ICAO and JAR-FCL 3 requirements) and if the disease is irremediable.

Aviation Medical Center which is founded within the structure of our hospital works under Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Such Flight Personnel Examinations as Aviation Medical Center, Turkish Airlines and Private airlines, Private Flight Schools, Eskisehir Anadolu University Aviation Department, including pilot-cabin technical team, dispatcher (flight dispatcher)-Road-Master, Air Traffic Control are performed.

Havacılık Tıp Merkezi , Türk Havayolları ve özel havayolları Özel Uçuş Okulları , Eskişehir A.Ü. THK –Özel Universiteler Havacılık Bölümü olmak üzere Pilot – Kabin Teknik ekip , Dispecir ( uçuş harekat uzmanı) Road-Master- Hava Trafik Kontrolü gibi Uçuş personel muayeneleri yapılmaktadır.