Cardiac cauterization, effort electro-cardiograph, 24 hours Holter EKG examinations are performed in our department for the diagnosis of congenital heart diseases seen approximately 1 in 100 live birth in our country.

Service is rendered in world standards with cauterization and surgery for the monitoring of congenital heart diseases within the cooperation with Paediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Diagnosis and treatment of earned heart diseases are successfully performed in our department by determining with findings such as chest pain, effort limit and rhythm disorder found in children. Department becoming famous in short time at the region continues forward with rapid and sure steps with the services rendered.

Cardiac cauterization process is performed in line with diagnosis or treatment to any child including newborns in our paediatric cardiology department. Treatment with angiography is performed successfully for the children having narrow cardiac valves or born with a hole in their hearts. Also our department implements diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of congenital heath diseases become mature.

Our patients are admitted 1 day prior to angiography and discharged approximately in 2 days. Some of the implementations performed in our department are as follows:

Diagnosis and treatment of patients having cardiac murmur

Sport report

Assessment report relating to drugs used at paediatric psychiatry

Transesophageal echocardiography

Intracardiac echocardiography

Diagnostic heart cauterization

ASD, VSD, PDA covering

Balloon valvuloplasty for the pulmonary and aorta stenosis

Balloon and stent angioplasty at aorta coarctation

Balloon artrial septostomy