It is very important to recognize our structure of personality in order to adapt spiritually to the rapidly developing and changing environment conditions in recent modern world. Health is defined by handling and eliminating the requirements for the physical and spiritual condition of a person. Sometimes coping mechanism with the life may be left ineffective with the effect of environmental factors. Psychotherapy presents a secure environment, in which individuals may easily express the troubles and problems they have experienced. It is aimed for individual to understand, accept itself and develop proper coping methods with scientific techniques used by psychiatrist. It must be remembered that the crisis relating to life periods are applicable to anyone and receiving support provides great benefit to pass through the process in this period.

Psychological support is provided through regular meeting at polyclinic and to the inpatients. Individual psychotherapy services aim to reduce the negative effects of disease or treatment requiring long term physical treatment.

Services Rendered

  • Individual Therapy (Mature and Adolescent)
  • Child development measuring/assessment and parent-child relation consultancy.
  • Assessment with psychometric tests
  • Basic Problems and Coping Methods Encountered at Adolescent periods