Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital has given service to its patients with the latest technology and 24 hours nonstop specified and experienced doctors in the Dental Unit since 1992. Preventive dentistry is used as a base in our hospital; the tooth decay and any kind of illness that may occur in the mouth are prevented. Additionally, sensitivity in the tooth is removed and the tooth decay of the children is prevented by the applications of fissure sealant.

  • Oral and dental surgery (tooth extraction, cyst resection impacted tooth operations, immediate treatments for oral and dental traumata),
  • Implant (do an implant to the tooth), Conservative dental treatments (aesthetic filling),
  • Konservatif diş tedavisi (Estetik dolgular)
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment)
  • Orthodontics (treatment of crooked teeth)
  • Periodontology (periodontal diseases and the treatment of periodontal diseases),
  • Pedodontics (treatment of child teeth)
  • Fixed and removable dentures ( total or skeletal dentures; porcelain, zirconium, dental veneers)
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Bruxism Treatment (grinding and clenching of the teeth),
  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Odontotherapy during pregnancy
  • Treatment of malodour and dryness of the mouth
  • Treatment of mouth sores (aphtous ulcers, herpes labialis…)
  • Laser Therapy for pigmentations of gingiva
  • Bleaching (tooth bleaching with laser Therapy)
  • Diagnosis and Radiology (90% less radiation exposure with intraoral camera, panoramic radiography, digital intraoral radiography).

The hospital gives service in the branches of maxillofacial surgery, crown-bridging, denture, pedodontics (treatment of child teeth), periodontology ( dental surrounding tissue diseases),orthodontics (treatment of crooked teeth), Implantation (making titanium root implantation to the jaw bone) Endodondics (root canal treatment).We are proud of providing quality service in all branches of dentistry for the protection and treatment of oral and dental health with specialist dentists.