It can be defined as diseases science. In addition, the whole of as typical characteristic of a certain disorder may also be called as pathology.


It is a science that studies on the cells. Cytology studies spread over a large area from single-cell organisms such as bacteria to multicellular organisms such as human. Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Pathology Laboratory is a science searching reasons of diseases examining structural and functional disorders formed in tissues and cells of diseases.

For this purpose, body fluids and tissue samples obtained under polyclinic and operating conditions are examined by using various staining techniques and various microscopes in the department of pathology.

The two fundemental tasks of department of pathology is diagnosis and research. The main objective is to deliver "correct diagnosis" "as soon as possible" to the patient or relavant physician.In addition to this,pathology is to search indicators related to the course of the disease especially in cancer cases, to predict the possible result of the disease and to give information related to the possible response of the disease to the treatment.

We wish to maintain accuracy and our reliability for our patient's health in the diagnosis with patient and test numbers increasing every year since our establishment.