Emergency Department Unit is the unit which ensures complete and on-time essential medical intervention to the emergency patients who consult to the hospital and gives 24 hours nonstop emergency service with same quality.

All support sections which provide the unit working effectively such as; the laboratory, roentgen, tomography and MR work for 24 hours and The medical staff, which are competent and experienced in their fields, also available to serve uninterruptedly in the hospital.

The doctors, nurses and other medical staff of our hospital are well trained and experienced for responding to the emergency patients, which have critical health status, injury cases and additionally to simpler health problems. The patients applying our emergency department are put in order of priorities according to their health status by expert health personnel and the doctors perform a medical intervention to prior patients before the others by depending on the priority ordering.

The Emergency Responses in Our Emergency Service

First Aid, Respiratory System and Expired Air Resuscitation, Circulatory System and Heart Massage, Cardiac Resuscitation (CPR), Haemorrhagia and Haemostasia, Shock, Injuries, Rupture of the Organ (Amputation), Fracture- Dislocation-Sprain, Burn Diseases, Exposure to Cold and Heat, Intoxication, Special Cases and Illnesses Requiring First-aid, Infectious Diseases and Illness Protection Ways etc.

The patients, who are evaluated by the emergency doctor, are directed to the doctors in the fields of Orthopedics, Plastics, Hand and Micro Surgeon, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Neurosurgery (Neurosurgery and Nerve Surgery), Neurology, Urology, Ear Nose and Throat (ent), Eye Diseases, Pediatric Surgery, Dermatological Disorders, Gastroenterology, Mouth, Dental and Jaw diseases.

In the Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital, there is availability to find MR imaging with specialist radiologist comment, Spiral BT and have doppler ultrasonography for 24 hours. Having these further examinations even in night provides great convenience to the emergency doctors for early diagnosis and becomes life saving for the patients.

There are experienced nurses which receive recurrent CPR and ACLS (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support) training in accordance with the high nursing standards.

We want to remind that we have principle of not offering treatment on the phone by thinking of the patient information limits and this kind of treatment advises are dangerous for delaying the treatment of illness. We also provide 24 hours consultancy service on the phone in all braches.

Our service consists of total 15 lavers and our surgical intervention, emergency intensive treatment, child, gynecology and observation rooms are respectively designed and equipped for providing more specialized service.

The number of observation rooms is kept high in order to follow the patient in long duration and insure repetition of examination. If it is necessary at the end of examination and evaluation, which will be completed in an hour, our emergency expert will receive your approval related to the consultation of further examination or in-field night-doctor. The aim of each treatment and examination is explained to the patient before it is performed.

We are sorry about the fact that we can not give information to the other hospital attendant apart from the explanation given to the patient and to a confirmed companion by taking approval of the patient because explanation to third persons will violate the principle of ‘respect to privacy’.

The patients consulting to our emergency clinic can want to get a second opinion for an advice of any kind of examination and intervention.

Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital provides ambulance service for 24 hours in company with an experienced doctor.