Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Nutrition and Dietary Department provides service about individualized nutrition and dietary trainings. Nutrition or dietary is considered as a condition for which measure and care should be taken in case of occurrence of a disease. However, nutrition is use of nutrients for growing, surviving and protection of health. Malnutrition and nutritional imbalance is direct reason in occurrence of some diseases and indirect reason in occurrence of some diseases.

Today individualized adequate and balanced nutrition programs should be followed up in prevention of many diseases, by determining nutritional status of the person during treatment and after disease.

Nutrition of our patients being treated in-patient in our hospital in accordance with their diets within the time they stay in the hospital are followed up and organized by Nutrition and Dietary Department. 


Program for Loss of Weight

Special nutrition therapy is applied by taking into consideration age, body height, weight and way of life, health status and physical activity of persons applying for the purpose of loss of weight to dietary polyclinic.

The person to be taken to a special weight loss program is important for loss of weight without experiencing health problems such as spoiling balance of the body, without being starved, weakness, dizziness, anemia and so on.

Diet must not affect adversely in particular healthy mental and physical development of child in the therapy of school age and adolescent overweight children. A nutrition program is prepared in the way that he/she will lose weight of 0.5-1 kg. For not regaining weight reduced, the person is moved away from bad habits and training is provided in order to be adapted to diet regarding adequate and balanced nutrition. Reducing of body fat of the person is aimed as a result of loss of weight program applied with healthy nutrition training. In each examination, body fat, muscle mass, body water and basal metabolism rate is measured.

Program for gaining weight

Weakness comes out in the body with the energy to be less than spent energy taken with daily nutrients or nonuse of nutrients taken by the body. As inability of retrieving spent energy may result from inadequate nutrition in terms of quality and quantity, it may also result from nonuse of nutrients taken due to digestive troubles, circulatory disorders and infection and parazital reasons. Hormonal imbalances may also be the reason of weakness. After reason of weakness is presented, nutrition program for gaining weight is prepared.

Nutrition therapy in Diseases

Nutrition therapy is to give nutrition therapy to diseases of all patients receiving service out-and in-patient.

For example, diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastric ulcer, liver and renal failure, gallbladder diseases are situations requiring medical nutrition therapy.

Pregnant-Nursing Mother Nutrition

Adequate and balanced nutrition is extremely important for health of mother's and baby's health during pregnancy and lactation. Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential in order not to experience problems such as anemia in the mother during pregnancy, folic acid deficiency and related health problems, hair loss, tooth loss and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes) arising in some women during pregnancy is absolutely a situation requiring diet treatment. Mother must be nourished well for baby's healthy development and normal birth weight and postnatal development. Furthermore, gaining too much weight by mother during pregnancy or lactation period common in our society and remaining overweight without losing can be prevented with proper nutrition program. Within lactation period, nutrition of mother with proper foods increases milk secretion.

Nutrition of Baby-Kids-Adult- Elder

The body's nutritional requirements vary in each period from infancy to old age.Giving of breast milk and supplementary foods to the babies under one year of age at the right times and correct delivery of those mentioned is very important for the development of brain and body. Because growth and development continues quickly in the infancy and childhood period, intake of nutrients such as adequate energy, protein, vitamins and mineral is essential. In adults, age, height, lifestyle, physical activity, health status affects nutritional requirements. In the period of old age, physical activity and metabolic rate decreases energy needs in parallel with physical activity and metabolic rate. During this period, the presence of various chronic diseases often requires the regulation of diet.

Nutrition of Athletes

Intake of nutrients of Athletes should be much more than normal persons. Because energy spent daily is much. Sports type performed, the age, body height, health status of Athletes affect the energy that he/she is required to take. Proper nutrition program should be absolutely prepared in order to avoid weakness and growth retardation in children making sports at the age of growth and development. Inadequ