Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases Department is serving academically at the highest level with polyclinic and clinical units by the advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment.

We perform our examinations with endoscopic method. In auditory and balance center, hearing tests (audio-tympanogra, autoacoustic emission and BERA) and Electronystagmography (ENG) are performed. The ENT team in our hospital performs special surgeries in addition to standard surgeries (tonsils, adenoids, ventilation tube, deviation and concha op.)

These are;

  • Traumatic surgery (jaw and facial fractures)
  • Skull base surgery (related to tumor)
  • Ear surgery
  • Atresia of external ear (External auditory canal developmental disorders)
  • Facial nerve surgery
  • Hearing loss-the absence of tympanum, umbo, ear arthritis
  • New solutions in dizziness and tinnitus
  • Cancer surgery-treatment of tumors in head and neck area
  • Advanced endoscopic sinus surgery, chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps-cysys-tumors
  • Treatment of hoarseness
  • Snoring and apnea treatment

Hearing and Balance Disorders

Surgical treatments of middle ear arthritis (otosclerosis, thympanosclerosis) ,which requires advanced experience, with denture (stapedectomy, mobilization),the treatment of tympanic membrane perforations, ossicular damage (Thympanoplasty and Ossiculoplasty) are commonly performed surgeries in our patients with hearing loss. In the DKY arthritis in which congenital external auditory canal development disorder whose surgical treatment is problematic, we serve with a rare ENT team who has a long experience in this field.

Surgical treatments can be performed in the sudden hearing loss in addition to drug treatment. Advanced surgeries, which provide quick recovery, performed in facial paralysis are also among the accomplishedly carried out operations of the ENT team.All kinds of treatments of severe dizziness causing big problems in daily and business life and internal ear diseases (Meniere's syndrome) characterized by hearing loss have been successfully performed at an academic level.The rehabilitation or the treatment of patients who have permanent resistant balance disorder with advanced surgical treatments, as well as the treatment of "positional vertigo", which is one of the common balance disorders, by maneuvers are provided by meticulous work of our specialized team related to this field.


Diagnosis and treatment of many nose diseases which cause trouble for patients by making breathing through the nose difficult, but should be treated in order to improve the quality of life, are performed with a comprehensive experience. Surgeries are performed by endoscopic surgeries and the microscopic methods and the support needed for quick recovery of patient is provided.

Common diseases;

  • Curvature of intranasal bone, concha growth,
  • Chronic sinusitis, sinus cysts,
  • Nasal polyps,
  • Rhinoplasty

The diagnosis and treatment of allergic coryza , which starts to occur very commonly nowadays, are performed by multi-directional approach. The diagnosis is got by a detailed examination and treatments of the patient are ethically planned in an academic level in order to enhance the life quality of the patients

Head and Neck Neoplasms Surgeries

Head and Neck Area, which have a vital importance (Ear, nose-sinuses, oral, throat, gullet, salivary glands, facial and neck skin), benign and malignant tumors require to be meticulously treaded from the diagnosis stage. Social support as well as the treatments and removal of the post treatment problems, is provided with a multi-teamed approach.

Equipment and experience needed for the diagnosis and treatments, which requires advanced knowledge and experience, of these diseases are available in our hospital.

Childhood Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

In the surgeries of tonsil-adenoid growth which is often seen in children, the techniques of not taking the whole tonsil as well as relapse preventive methods are regularly performed in our department. Ethical decisions at academic level are based for surgery. Treatments of intranasal septumas curvature as well as the application of air tube to middle ear infections, which are nonresponsive to treatment, are performed in early ages with the suitable methods in necessary cases. Any type congenital and adventitious childhood diseases are within the field of interest of our department.

Sleep Disturbances-Snoring

One-third of men who is over the age of 35 snores. Treatment methods related to the snoring solve problems for sharing social life as well as sleep health. Snoring accompanied by being out of breath during sleep (apnea) constitutes risk for serious diseases such as: death in bed, uncontrolled hypertension as well as reducing the life lifetime. Treatment methods which we apply for this important health issue problem are performed gradually and the most beneficial and appropriate techniques for the patient are chosen.

Voice Disorders

While endoscopic and stroboscopic methods are used in the diagnosis of the diseases causing to hoarseness, micro surgical methods are delicately used in the cases in which surgery is required and strict attention is paid for the patients' get their healthy again. Treatments of nodules, polyps, edema, cysts, chronic inflammatory thickening on vocal cords are frequently performed and the most prevailing methods of today in the treatment of vocal cords palsy are carried out.

Skull Base Surgery

Nose-sinus adjacent to the head, ear tumors treatments, all types of surgical treatments of balance-hearing nerves and facial nerves diseases, surgical treatments of intracranial veins tumors

Surgery of Facial Bones

Surgical treatments of submaxilla and maxilla fra