Mammaplasty is a tumorigenesis which occurs in cells those furnish ducts those transport milk to nipple and increase directionless because of various factors and occurs at cells those have potential to spread to other organs.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type that women have. It ranks number two after lung cancer about cancer causes death. As one out of every eight women, have risk of contracting cancer, risk of contracting is under 1% for men.

Cancer increases in breast in time. Although it doesn’t show any indication at early phase, afterwards it may show indications such as bleeding at nipple, rubor, shrinkage at nipple or skin, palpable toughness at breast. Afterwards it moves along to axilla lymphatic glands at same side and it causes these glands to grow. In advanced phase, it spreads to vital organs such as brain, liver, lung and causes death.

Although breast cancer rate of incidence increased, people who died because of breast cancer is reduced. The most important factor about this reduction is improvements at early diagnosis and proper treatment possibilities. Therefore, solving in respect of problems about breast by experienced doctors who specialized in different fields gains importance.

At our breast diseases diagnosis and treatment unit; team which consist of mammoplasty, plastic surgery, radiology, pathology, medical oncology and oncology of radiation branches and multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment possibility is provided and by this means, success rate at patient’s diagnosis and treatment increases.

Patient who comes to our hospital with breast remonstrance is examined by a experienced breast surgeon who was educated about breast specifically . Afterwards, patient is directed to radiology clinic for necessary diagnostic radiological examination.

Advanced monitoring methods such as tomosynthesis mammography/digital mammography, ultrasonography of breast, magnetic resonance examination (MRE) as well as advanced diagnostic applications such as needle biopsies with radiological methods, ultrasonography, mammography and MRE with biopsy are carried out.

Digital tomosynthesis mammography device which is improved in last years and only found at some certain centers serves at our hospital. By means of this method, many pictures are taken by different angles and by these pictures, in the same way with computer system, like catscan 3d picture of breast tissue as 1mm sections is obtained. At tomosynthesis mammographic examination; breast condensation need (compressing breast in mammography device) that is necessary to obtain optimal screens from breast tissue at normal 2d mammography reduces prominently. Therefore, patients feel less ache during investigation at tomosynthesis examination.

Whole body Pet CT scanning is made to patients those diagnosis is breast cancer then it is determined if sickness is metastatic and examination plan of sickness is made according to this.

Before operation, patient’s condition before operation and patient’s condition after operation are discussed at our council including surgeon, plastic surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, nuclear medicine, medical radiation oncologist and examination plan is implemented according to council’s decision.

For patient who is diagnosed at early phase, breast conserving surgery is implemented of which only axillary dissection was made only at metastasis being by doing sentinel lymph node with taking out tumor by safe, clean surgery limit.

If safe surgery won’t be possible for bigger tumors and a cosmetically acceptable breast is not possible, surgery method that is explained as cutting and taking the entire breast named mastectomy is applied.

By planning medical examination called neoadjuvan examination by oncology before operation; local and systemic control is provided for some patients who have advance phase breast cancer, afterwards surgery is applied.

Patient is assessed by plastic surgery specialist before operation and by using permanent prosthesis or simultaneous tissue expander called early reconstruction after mastectomy or at the end of oncological examinations after operation called late reconstruction, planning is made for new breast reconstruction. Genetic consultancy service is offered to breast cancer patients especially to highly risky and owned family story ones at our genetic center. Leaving breast skin called subcutaneous mastectomy has risk and removing breast tissue completely operation is made again by decision of the council to patients have high risk genetically and tissue expander is placed back of the pectoral muscle before or permanent prosthesis is put at first plan according to breast structure without using tissue expander.

Before and after the operation psychosocial supporting programs are organized for patients.

In case of lymphedema, limitation of movement, harmonization at arm those can occur for patients who had axilla dissection, or lymph dissection, at the same time such as breast protective surgery and mastectomy those actualize by taking whole breast, supportive services such as physical examination is offered.

Moreover, educational seminars about breast health are also given to all of our patients and employees.

Creating at least a little awareness about breast cancer to all people; whether man or woman and by this awareness; realizing this illness early and examining, presenting a healthy life is an assignment and beatitude for us before anything else.