It is the department which contributes to patient’s enhancing his/her life quality by providing ideal esthetics and function of tooth and jaw. It is an area of specialization which provides you with a better simile and regenerates your simile with the health of your tooth.

No matter at which age you are, untreated orthodontic problem becomes much worse. As the time goes on, tooth decay and periodontal disease may occur as a result of not keeping tooth clean because of the crowding. Besides, mouth closing disorders may cause the abnormal corrosion of tooth surface, difficulties in speaking, chewing and damage of gingival tissues and supportive bone.

The treatments of orthodontics can be listed as following;

  • 1 Orthodontic treatments (aesthetical brace, metal brace and locked braces) with brace (orthodontic braces treatment)
  • 2 Lingual Orthodontics (it is treatment method applied by attaching adhered fixed brace to tongue side not to attach lip side)
  • 3 - Invisalign- Clear Align (It is the treatment method which removes the crowding by using a transparent apparatus for palate called as invisible aparey)