It is called as infertility that couples cannot have baby after an unprotected bed for a year. It is considered that causes of infertility are shared equally between woman and man. 15% of couples cannot have babies in the world and in Turkey. For infertility, problems of the men and women at the rate of 30%, 20% ovulation problems, closing of 15% cervical canals, 15%endometriosis. Are shown as cause. The cause is unknown in about 20% of couples. In vitro fertilization center in the Gaziosmanpasa Hospital have provided service since March 2007 by using all opportunities of today's medical technology. GaziosmanpasaHospitalInvitrofertilizationcenterworksscientificallyandethically in the reproductive health.

In vitro fertilization center works in accordance with the technology and science developed since the required initiative diagnosis and treatment of the couples who desire to have a baby. In the all workings required for all diagnosis and treatments, the most advanced processes, which exist in the world, are followed and they are performed within the scope of the center.

What is In Vitro Fertilization Treatment?

In vitro fertilization is a treatment method which is implemented to the couples who have not had pregnancy by natural or other ways-ways and includes Assisted Reproduction Treatment. IVF (In vitro fertilization) and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is included in the definition of tube baby. It is the method of impregnation of germ cells taken by male and female in vitro and replacement of intra uterine Obtained embryos. While zygotes taken from women are expected to be fertilized in vitro by embryos, on the other hand, a single sperm is injected into the zygote by a special microscope in microinjections.

When, to whom and in which situations In Vitro Fertilization Treatment should be performed?

  • In the women whose cervical channels have been occluded,
  • In the women which have extensive adhesions due to endometriosis and cannot have pregnancy by treatment,
  • In the cases in which the number and quality of sperms are damaged on highest degree,
  • In Immunological infertility,
  • In some hormonal disorders,
  • In the cases which the pregnancy cannot be obtained by other treatment methods,
  • In infertilities, the reason of them is unexplained,
  • In order to have a healthy baby by diagnosis of some hereditary diseases in the embryo stage ( with pre-implantation genetic methods