It is a department dealing with the diagnosis and operations of surgical disease of children between 0-17 ages. Congenital or acquired diseases which require surgical intervention, apart from Orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery, are included in the pediatric surgery.

In the Pediatric Surgery Department of the Private Gazıosmanpasa Hospital, all technological opportunities for the diagnosis and treatment of the surgical problems which may occur before or after the birth are available. Moreover, we benefit from our well-equipped newborn intensive care unit for the follow-up of the newborn after operation.

The operations in the Pediatric Surgery Department are performed by local or general anesthesia.

Surgeries performed with local anesthesia?

(Falls, bumps, traffic accidents, drill - suturing of the wound with sharp instruments, abscess evacuation, subcutaneous biopsies, lymph node biopsies)

They are performed in operating room for small operations in emergency surgery department. In addition, some clean wounds (superficial wounds) are treated without suture by using tissue adhesive.

We work coordinately with the departments such as: Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery and ENT in the cases of emergency traffic accidents, falls, bumps

The surgeries performed under general anesthesia

They are separated into two as day case and boarding surgery. The patient comes to the hospital on an empty stomach for the day case surgery. The anesthesia examination of the patient is made after the laboratory and radiological inspections. Then, the patient is operated and after 3-4 hours in the same day, the patient is sent to home.

Main Day Case Surgeries

Surgery for inguinal region; (Hernia, hydrocele (Water hernia), undescended testes, cord cyst, varicocele)

Exomphalos Surgery, head and neck region surgery (lymph node biopsies, the branchial residual surgeries, Thyroglossal cysts, torticollis), perianal region operations, (perianal abscess, perianal fistule, H aemorrhoidectomy, anal dilatation), circumcision

Boarding Surgeries

The rest of the operations apart from the ones mentioned above are performed by staying in the hospital. The surgeries performed in our hospital.

The Surgical Problems of Newborn

Esophagial atresia, Congenital Diaphragmatic hernia, Intestinal atresia, Meconium ileus, Intestinal perforation, Rotation Abnormalities, Pneumothorax, Pyloric stenosis, Hirschsprung’s disease, NEC (nekrotizan enterokolit), Invagination, Anorectal malformations, the Mesenteric and Omental Cysts)

  • Acute Abdomen- Appendicitis
  • Traumata (abdominal thoracic injuries)
  • Childhood Tumours (wilmstm, neuroblastoma, teratomas, rhabdomyosarcoma, lymphoma)
  • Cardio-Esophageal Junction Problems ( CEJ, hiatal hernia)