Neurostimulator is a surgical application that can be used primarily in the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, shivering and dystonia resistant to drug treatments, psychiatric diseases resistant to drug treatments such as major depression, compulsive disorders and some epileptic diseases. It is known that these mentioned diseases are caused by over stimulation and lack of stimulation on some particular parts of the brain. It is thought that neurostimulator technique is effective by regulating this inaccurate stimulation. It enables decreasing the dose of drugs used by a majority of the patients and abandoning drugs completely in a small portion of patients.

Neurostimulator is a very effective treatment for a carefully and accurately selected group. In the other words, some criteria must be taken into consideration while selecting the patients for neurostimulator application. Especially the first 5 years of Parkinson's disease during when the disease responds to medication well. Patients over 70, individuals with medium-advanced stage dementia or those who have serious internal diseases are not deemed as suitable cases either. The patients apart from these or those considered to be suitable are prepared for the procedures having passed through the assessment of a council of psychiatric doctors.